World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.2 – The Tomb of Sargeras

While I’ve been play World of Warcraft since it’s early beta (over 13 years!!), the Legion expansion has been one of the better additions to the game. The class hall campaign, personal artifacts, and world quests have kept things interesting since last August. The most recent patch 7.2, has some exciting tweaks that I’ve been waiting for.

Back to the Broken Shore

The Broken Shore
The Broken Shore zone

The expansion sends us back to the Broken Shore, the setting for the first scenario that we experienced when we started the Legion expansion. Now the Broken Shore is a new zone for exploration, some limited questing, and a source for new world quests. For folks pursuing the Pathfinder 2 achievement the Broken Shore is a must (more on that later). The zone feels dangerous, with pockets of different demon groups around a blasted landscape. There are a ton of named mobs that require a group to put down and a new set of chests to uncover.

Demonic Assaults

Along with the new zone patch 7.2 brings demonic assaults to four of the five original zones in the Broken Isles. The assaults feel a little bit like the incursions that heralded the launch of the Legion expansion but they are a little more complicated. To push an assault back you start by entering the zone where it’s going on. If you’ve opened up World Quests with the character then you’ll get a quest to stop the assault. You can then engage the Legion forces in several areas marked on your map. Once you’ve completed four of these events (which play similarly to World Quests) you’ll then get a quest line of about three or four quests. Once you complete these, you’ll be able to queue for a scenario whereby you complete another series of demon-busting events culminating in a fight with a demon commander. The whole event gives some good loot, great resources, and completing one is part of Pathfinder 2.

Armed to the Teeth

The Fist of Ra-den
The Fist of Ra-den – almost complete…

The patch also ups the item level for gear. Legendary items now max out at 940 and World Quests which were previously capped at 850 are starting to offer higher levels for their completion. Dungeon bosses and raids have also gotten a bump. In addition, the personal artifact that you’ve been lovingly enhancing gains some additional powers that have to be unlocked with a quest line. Once you complete the quest your original artifact abilities look a little different as well. This was a little shocking for me at first but looking things over the power level looks like an overall boost.

Now We’re Prepared

Illidan, Khadgar, and Balgash
Illidan and I are tight.

One of the more interesting aspects of the patch to me is the redemption/acceptance of Illidan Stormrage. Illidan was the big bad guy from the Burning Legion expansion, the first expansion for World of Warcraft. We had been following Illidan’s back story as we progressed through the Legion expansion but, seeing him put an end to Gul’dan at the end of Nighthold was particularly satisfying. Now he’s an NPC helping both the Alliance and Horde put a stop to the Legion once and for all.

I Can Fly!

All of the previous talk about the Pathfinder 2 achievement lead to the biggest positive about patch 7.2. Flight is now available on the Broken Islands (including the Broken Shore). The Pathfinder achievement was lengthy but hopefully you worked through. If not, get to work on that. Pathfinder 2 isn’t nearly as long with only four achievements needed to unlock it. You need to get to revered with the new, Armies of Legionfall faction, explore the Broken Shore, complete all of the achievements of Pathfinder, and complete one of the Legion Assaults mentioned above. There is some current chatter that the Legion Assault completion isn’t required anymore, but I needed to complete it for completion.

Now to to work on my class mount so I can fly in style.

First Impressions – FOR HONOR and For Glory!

Welcome to “First Impressions”, a new series on AGB where I take you through the first 30 minutes of the some of the latest and greatest of the gaming world’s offerings. You have my promise that I will be going through the game, whatever game it may be, for the first time live on video.  No betas. No demos. No second chances. Just First Impressions.

For the series opener, I’ll be giving you my first impressions on Ubisoft’s ambitious historical fighter, FOR HONOR.

 Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword…

Wheat blows gently in the wind as the light of the sun shines upon a warm and welcoming world.  But that welcome is lost, as the land shakes and the earth ruptures, and that which was once welcome is welcome no more. From below the ground, a cataclysmic disaster rips asunder any sign of man’s presence on the world. A voice is heard, telling the tale of woe and war. The voice belongs to knight clad in black armor. Apollyon, the bringing of war.

And that’s only the opening cinematic! WOO! Rivaling that of most animated movies, FOR HONOR’s opening cinematic is epic and breath taking and left me eager to start the game. As first impressions go, that surely was an impressive outing. I was blown away by the visuals, there’s no doubt about that.

I didn’t know much about this game before I bought it, however the one thing I did know was that I had to choose a faction: Viking, Knight or Samurai. I decided to align myself with the Samurai faction, although Knight and Viking didn’t make the choice easy. From there, I was allowed to customize my character emblem, and then thrown into a quick tutorial. Right away my mind was blown. I was a Samurai. The detail that was put in the armor and movement was incredible. The surrounding castle ruins, the fire dancing in the lanterns, the medieval banners blowing in the breeze, all crafted with love. I was most certainly impressed.

The words New Mission Objective flash across the top of the screen as a side bar appears and begins to instruct me on the ways of the sword. Holding L2 locks on to enemy, while the right analog stick controls sword placement and stances. At first I practice against straw training dummies, switching between targets and alternating stances. Then an AI bot knight appears from the castle to help practice blocking and striking. The sounds of swords clashing is just spectacular, and seeing the sparks fly when steel strikes steel is a treat within itself. After a few more strikes, I knew I was sold. I was in, hook, line, and sinker. And I still hadn’t even completed the training.

First impressions? FOR HONOR is simply impressive. The sound is fantastic, the graphics are eye-popping, the story is interesting, and the game play is engaging. In the video I only played for 30 minutes, and when I switched to Twitch, I played for another hour or so, and I wasn’t not disappointed at all in any way. When beginning the story mode I was forced to go through training once again, but if that bit of drudgery was a necessary evil to continue on with the carnage and chaos of war, then I accept it gladly. I honestly didn’t mind, because as I said, this game is impressive.

As of this writing, I still haven’t completed Story Mode, so a full review is still a work in progress. If you’ve played the game, or just watched me play the game in the video, then please write in the comments and let me know what your first impressions are of FOR HONOR. Also, if there are any games you would like me to check out, then write that in the comments, too! For now, the next scheduled First Impressions will be at the end of the month when HORIZON ZERO DAWN is released! Until then, gamers, stay Awesome!